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[collection name]: Guangxu silver coin


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Silver coin is one of the most important coins in the Qing Dynasty. As we all know, in the Qing Dynasty, there were three main forms of currency in circulation: Yuan Bao, copper coin and silver coin. Everyone is familiar with the first two kinds of silver coins. The silver coins of the Qing Dynasty have been gradually accepted by everyone in the past two years.


Guangxu silver coin Shuanglong one or two is one of the samples that were not circulated in Guangxu period. As the "ten treasures" of modern silver dollar, its exquisite craftsmanship and collection value have always been amazing to the world. At present, the number of silver coins in existence is very rare. It is one of the most exquisite representatives of China's silver standard monetary system. In order to reflect the authority of the imperial power system of the Qing Dynasty in the field of currency, its designers and manufacturers did a superb design regardless of local conditions. Its artistic level and anti-counterfeiting ability have not been surpassed so far. It is a great treasure of modern Chinese silver coins recognized by the domestic and foreign collectors.


The obverse and reverse sides of this silver coin are very well made, and the designs on it are very exquisite. The inner ring of the obverse of this silver coin is the regular script "Guangxu silver coin", with the word "Dingwei" outside the circle and the two simplified versions of "Xilong" beside it. It carries the word "longevity" on it, implying a long life. On the back of the silver coin, two characters of "one or two" are engraved in the center, and two dragons are engraved on both sides, representing auspiciousness and festivity. There are three clouds on the back and belly of the two dragons, and the wave pattern is engraved on the lower end.


In 1907, the "Du branch MINT" tried to produce Ding Wei's silver coins and silver dollars. At that time, the "Guangxu silver coins" were originally intended to mix the silver coins and Guangxu's treasures and create new ideas, but the result was self defeating. Because the style of the face and back of this coin can't be found in Manchu, if you are familiar with the requirements of the Qing government for the examination and approval of silver coins in various provinces, it's easy to know that this new type of silver coins will not be adopted by the Qing government. Therefore, those who did not understand the coin were mistaken as fabricated goods. In fact, it was not. At that time, the coin was used for longevity, and the amount of coinage was limited. Naturally, it was rare for it to be circulated, and then it was recovered by the Qing government. It is for these reasons that Guangxu silver coins are regarded as treasures by the major coin collectors.







Today, let's analyze the market of this Guangxu silver coin:

First, due to the short circulation time, the casting quantity is very rare.

Second, this series of Guangxu silver coins has only one version, unlike many other coins of the same type.

Third: the products are exquisite. After being recovered by the Qing government due to the short circulation, the items that were not recovered by the folk were collected and passed on to the future generations, so there are few traces of abrasion, scratches and so on.

Fourth: this coin has the most dragon designs among all silver coins, which is deeply liked by most coin collectors. They prefer to call it "Longyang".

Fifthly, due to the limited amount of casting, collectors have different opinions on this Guangxu silver coin Ding weinian, so this coin has great historical research value.



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